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Explore the world of sweets that have a wide range of flavors being added to the menu every season.

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We have been baking cakes and delivering smiles for more than a century, and the love only keeps proliferating with the sweetness.
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Spending evenings with a cup of tea and their cupcakes is considered paradise at all times.
Richard H. Alexander
Identifying or discerning the distinct elements of their sweet creations is almost impossible as it melts down your tongue before you know it.
Monica A. Balcom
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We bake cakes and sweets to spread happiness with every bite of it, but we have more than just the single layer of joy.

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Learn how the delicate cakes are made, and try it at your home to experiment more with your additions to it.


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Character Cakes

Get your cakes shaped into your favorite characters for the special day, and make it a lot more eventful.

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We form a family with our customers and team to deliver the best results in the form of glazy sweets and cakes.

Jimmie E. Draper

Production - Cofounder

Baking happiness wouldn’t have been a concept at which we thrive without his ideas and effective plans.

Frances S. Fitting

Master Chef (founder)

No food goes by without ensuring quality here with our chef’s hat being the master of it all.

Kent S. Huffman


The luscious cakes get their flavor and richness from the hands of a legend who has a way with sweets.

Latest From Blog

How To Make A Character Cake Topper


Cakes with cute little edible characters on top are one of the best of the birthday presents for little kids. It’s not just limited to little kids anymore, because the themes of the character have evolved over the years. Sometimes, or always the cakes cost a fortune. Instead of wasting money on someone else to make the cake for you, why don’t you make it by yourself? Read the article to find out.

What is the character made of?

There are two ways by which you can make the characters – one is making the character and the modeling paste by scratch or running to the cake decorating shop to purchase a modeling paste. The other alternative is to buy fondant from the supermarket. This works well if your characters are small and need not require much support to make the characters stand. It also eliminates the need for wires.

Colouring of the fondant

Once your cake and the characters are ready, then the next step is to colour the fondant. Fondants are generally available in various colours. But if you want multicoloured characters, then create your characters with white coloured fondant. Then you will be able to colour your characters using concentrated food colouring. It is better to use concentrated colours as they bring out the vibrant colours of the character when painted against  white

Colouring of the fondant

Tools to use

  • Use Sugarcraft tool kit to shape the characters and the fondant.
  • A decorating brush which finds flexible use as you can even use it to paint the characters.
  • Rolling pin to roll the batter or the fondant for the characters.
  • A small but sharp knife

Sticking the characters together

If you’re using a moulding paste, then you can make use of edible glue that will stick the characters together in seconds. However, if you’re using the ready-made fondant, then the water works just fine as they tend to make the surface sticky.


How to get it right

Getting the characters right, is about patience and practice. It will also help if you mimic the characters as it is from where you’re referring to – whether it is a picture or from a book. If you have a plastic toy, then it can work like magic. Always build the characters from their head because it is the most distinguishable feature of the character- especially the eyes. We suggest you start with simpler ones and then move to the complicated ones.

Avoid making the body of the characters thin because fondant generally collapses under too much weight. So, if you’re making the head big, then the body of the character should be proportionate to that.

Minute details like the arms or other body parts like earns should be stuck in holes, instead of just sticking them with water. This step will guarantee that the tiny parts will not fall off from the surface.

Lastly, prepare your characters first and then move on to the cake. In this way, you can adjust the size of the cake according to the size of your characters.