10 Tips for Planning a Wedding

Weddings can be more fun and full of memory when adequately planned. However, if the plan goes amiss, the whole event becomes stressful to the couples in such a way that it can deprive their joy during the honeymoon. You do not deserve that! Here are tips for a successful wedding.

Create a guest list

Yes, you expect guests. How many should they be? It is the number of the guest which will help you plan for many other things like space to occupy or the meal to serve. Once you make the guest list, confirm with them on their willingness to be part of it. This will help you fix the budget.

Set a budget


Weddings are just as expensive as you want them to be. It all depends on the budget you put in place. In most cases, people come up with budgets as the couple to be, but then something happens when other people come in to support. Once you come up with a realistic budget, stick to it no matter how sweet some ideas are to change it.

Be real with time


As you come up with the budget, know when you expect to have the workout. Try as much as possible to come up with realistic timelines which will not frustrate you or put too much pressure on you the last minute. If you have too many plans, then start planning early.

Involve friends


As much as it will be your day, you cannot plan for it alone. You need people with their finances and ideas. Be open to the planning team and tell them what you expect in the end. This helps you be at the same page with them hence smooth planning.

Book service providers in time


Nearly every part of a wedding depend on the successful work of the vent planners. Book for your decor and catering services in good time so that they do not change their minds on the day. If possible, use referrals to recommend the most trusted service providers. Avoid relatives; they can sometimes disappoint.

Get prepared for challenges


Be sure that at the end of it all, there are challenges that might arise. There can be shortages or just some carelessness. Do not allow such to take away your joy. At the end of it, you will be a wife or a husband no matter what!

Create time for yourself


Planning can be very hectic. You need to be directly involved when there is still time. However, once just a few days or hours are left, delegate the rest of the plans to somebody you trust and take time to rest. Working the whole day may not guarantee you joy at your wedding.

Cater for extra food and drinks


In your budget for food and beverages, give room for extra. At times you may end up having more than the number you expected. It would not be courtesy to send guest away on empty stomachs. The excess can help you skip the shame.

Make it all social


Wedding do collect people from different corners of your life. Plan with your master of the ceremony so that he will give value to each group of people who are present as the longtime classmates. It can be as simple as allowing them to take photos of the new couples.

You are the movie!


If asked why I would attend a wedding, I would say that I do so to admire peoples’ romance. Yes, most people do that. Before the wedding day, compile some of the most romantic photos you have. Create a slide movie of the pictures and allow people to admire your love journey together.